Calgary Half-Marathon – 2nd Place (Age Group)

13320630_10153994018700862_1066011020830586976_oThis was just one of those results that snuck up on me, and about which I’m exceedingly pleased. It was the first race of the year for me, and, as usual, I resented waking up at 4:30 a.m., I resented climbing through the bushes in Mission to take a leak, I resented climbing through more bushes just south of Stampede Park to take another leak, and half a dozen times I said to myself, ‘Why the fuck am I doing this?’ I didn’t feel exceptionally fresh for this race, and no part of me was looking forward to it.

Then the gun went off.

About 1.5kms into the run, I looked at my watch: 4:00/km pace. I thought, ‘Damn, I feel way too good right now; it’s gotta be the adrenaline.’ Then about 4kms in I looked again: 4:00/km pace. That’s when I thought, ‘Okay, so this is how it’s gonna be, hey? Just trust yourself. No excuses not to make this hurt.’

And kms 7-14 hurt. But I kept reeling in runners, one by one.

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