Top 5 Rain Songs

At work as of late we’ve been sharing different song themes, from “Desert Island Discs” (in which we share the top 5 songs (or albums) that we’d want if we were stranded on a desert island), to “Five Songs You’d Hear in Hell”, to “Top 5 Five Country Songs that Actually Don’t Make You Puke”, to “Summer Songs”, and, most recently, the apropos “Rain Songs”. Here’s my rain list:

1. Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

This also happens to be on my Desert Island Songs collection, to be released at a future date for you all to enjoy.

2. Milli Vanilli (or, rather, the session vocalists who actually sang this song) – Blame it on the Rain

I have no idea why this song popped into my head, but whatever, to paraphrase Bateman in American Psycho, I think Milli Vanilli really came into their own in retrospect. And if you think it sucks, then that’s okay too, because the weather in this one-horse town sucks, too.

3. Jacksoul – Unconditional

Thinking about Milli Vanilli just sent me on a little sojourn down amnesia lane, at the end of which is Jacksoul’s Unconditional. I don’t think there’s a single mention of “rain” in the song in any manner, but the organ intro has always called to mind walking through Central Park on a gloomy overcast day (notwithstanding the group was Canadian). Moreover, the lead singer, Haydain Neale, died of lung cancer in 2009, which is sad, and tears are kind of like rain.

4. French Kiwi Juice – Lying Together

You didn’t think I’d let you get away without being subject to at least one electronic song, did you? You can hear rain falling at the beginning of this song, and, if it’s raining, and you’re stuck inside, this wouldn’t be bad song at all to start getting busy with your significant other (or yourself).

5. Solomon Burke – Cry to Me

Oh, let’s stay on the onanistic theme, shall we? “When you’re all alone, in a lonely room,” and “nothing could be sadder than a glass of wine alone”—with lyrics like these, a little rain might be an improvement, ‘cause at least you might feel something (i.e., raindrops). Nevertheless, a great song, best enjoyed with others, and I’ve included the youtube link that shows the steamy scene from that cinematic tour de force, Dirty Dancing.


I’ve received a fair amount of derision for what was (CLEARLY) my tongue-in-cheek Milli Vanilli entry (goddamn Philistines), so I’d like to make this a Top 6 list by adding what my addled mind should’ve added in the first place:

6. Dinah Washington – September in the Rain

This song has been covered by many, many artists, but the wistfulness of Dinah Washington’s rendition makes it my favorite.


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