Mise en scène

Mise en scene

Here is the carcinogenic third act.
We rehearse our lines on racing forms and
shopping lists—daily double, vodka orange,
and—say it just like this—Sweet Cap Filter
Kings.  We have it down.  Take Wednesdays: Come to
Wellington’s after school and when I’m off
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New Year’s Day 2016 Spin Class Mix

As usual, this one starts off slow, then picks up speed as it goes through a number of funky and progressive tracks.

A couple of the early transitions (at 30:00 and 33:54) are pretty rough — sorry 😦  (First mix in a loooong time, on unfamiliar equipment, and only had one chance to do this cut before class.)


In Search of the Real Lounge Scene – And My Father

(Somewhat dated article about my Dad, originally published in cameo magazine.)

When my father passed away, I was on the road between Philadelphia and Los Angeles, travelling in the entrepreneurial wake of my mother and stepfather. Up to this time I had lived in Calgary with my father for seven years, but when it became evident that the Cancer had mined its way through his entire body, it was necessary for me to join my mother in Philadelphia. The lifestyle was different — less predictable — and soon after we moved to L.A.. They told me his fate in Santa Barbara.

Because circumstance supplanted my environment, and because I needed to re-acquaint myself with my mother, the memory of my father eventually dwindled to a few nostalgic strands of sentiment. I went for years without even seeing a photograph of the man. Psychologists? Not then.

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Vernon Bike Camp – By the McNumbers



  • 28:19 – hours in the saddle
  • 799 – kilometres ridden
  • 16,362 – calories burned, OR…
    • 25.97 – notional Wendy’s Baconators
    • 18.59 – notional Skor Blizzards
    • 45.45 – notional Starbucks Oat Bars
    • 38.96 – notional Starbucks Oat Fudge Bars
    • 56.42 – notional McDonald’s Cheeseburgers
    • 31.47 – notional McDonald’s Quarter-Pounders with Cheese
  • 9780 – vertical elevation gain (metres), OR…
    • 11.79 – notional Burj Khalifas
    • 17.69 – notional CN Towers
    • 22.08 – notional Empire State Buildings
    • 18.55 – notional Willis (formerly Sears) Towers