Wide View

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#TBT to 2014 and the California Superbike School. The School has camps all over the world—I did mine at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and over the course of two days I learned critical lessons about riding, and, curiously, life. Proper throttle control, turning points, rider input—these are some of the essential and potentially life-saving skills you should employ on the motorbike, and coincidentally many of them translate very well to cycling (which accounts for my comfort and relative skill descending). However, another skill—the *wide view*—has implications beyond the track or the highway: Ever find yourself on a long, steep descent on your time-trial bike, full aero position, and you happen to look down at the pavement around your front wheel? It’s a little unsettling, isn’t it? You can’t keep track of everything going by, and you have to look up to gain some sense of perspective, to *slow things down*, as it were. Next time, extend this concept a little further: don’t just look up five, ten, fifteen feet in front of you. Look *wide*, take everything in—'truck at T-intersection, guardrail on the right, patch of gravel on the left, ocean in the distance'—and notice how time slows down, as if someone hit the “slo-mo” button on life. You minimize the risk of surprises occurring (which can lead to survival reactions such as target fixation = very bad), and you’ll have much more time to respond when they do. If this concept resonates at all in this context, ask yourself, where else might it apply? . #triathlon #motorcycle #cycling #tbt #lifehacks

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