Confederation 150 Relay

Except for a year and half of rugby in high school, I’ve always gravitated toward more-or-less individual sports—skateboarding, running, martial arts, and, in recent years, triathlon. My default sphere of comfort and control extends a couple feet away from my body. I have few close friends, I tend to think of myself as self-reliant, I’ve been called solitary, distant, intense (appellations over which I exercise a certain degree of romantic pride, though in reality it’s dysfunctional and likely the product of an emotional diet of Cap’n Crunch during my formative years).

And as I say, so it is with sports. I prefer to hold the controls. Even in triathlon, if I have a mis-shift on the bike, the fear it potentially signals something more sinister is about to happen often makes me think, ‘Fuck I can’t wait until I’m off this untrustworthy p.o.s. and in my running shoes.’ Smaller sphere of control, right? Continue reading “Confederation 150 Relay”