The Wreck of the Miss Katie


This happened a few years’ back and I never got around to writing about it. But, since it’s kind of an interesting story, if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, take a read.

In early 2011, I flew to Roatan, just off the coast of Honduras, for a dive trip. Al, my first dive instructor, organizes trips like these occasionally, and I went down by myself and met up with about 20 other folks, all from Calgary. A few of them were dive masters, and a few others (including me), had around 20 or so dives, and had a decent feel for the water. And rounding out the group were a number of brand new students doing their open-water certification.

We stayed at a small resort on the east end of the island, and on the very first dive of the very first day, part of the group set out on the resort’s boat, the “Miss Katie”, a modest, utilitarian vessel, just big enough to accommodate around a dozen divers. I was on that boat with my dive partner Clint, along with Al who was certifying all the new students. Continue reading “The Wreck of the Miss Katie”

Haleakala, Maui 2016

The first time I attempted Haleakala was in 2013, and I got turned around at the park gates (roughly 7,500 feet) because of the U.S. federal government shutdown.

Second time was almost exactly one year ago, and I was successful.

Third time was this past January — also successful — and I shaved 90 minutes off my previous time. It was a glorious, challenging climb, and an exhilarating, swift descent. Here’s the viz from that day.

Music: The Blues (Original Mix) – Mike Teck

Vernon Bike Camp – By the McNumbers



  • 28:19 – hours in the saddle
  • 799 – kilometres ridden
  • 16,362 – calories burned, OR…
    • 25.97 – notional Wendy’s Baconators
    • 18.59 – notional Skor Blizzards
    • 45.45 – notional Starbucks Oat Bars
    • 38.96 – notional Starbucks Oat Fudge Bars
    • 56.42 – notional McDonald’s Cheeseburgers
    • 31.47 – notional McDonald’s Quarter-Pounders with Cheese
  • 9780 – vertical elevation gain (metres), OR…
    • 11.79 – notional Burj Khalifas
    • 17.69 – notional CN Towers
    • 22.08 – notional Empire State Buildings
    • 18.55 – notional Willis (formerly Sears) Towers